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How to Quit Your Job by Leveraging Real Estate Investing

by | Dec 30, 2022

Dear valued investors and future investors,

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This week, let’s take a look at a subject many people dream about… having enough money to not have to work…, or only work when they want and from where they want.

For those who decide to actually do something about achieving this goal, the first step is to find a way to make money without actively being at work. It’s been proven time after time that real estate investing is the preferred option to being able to quit your job and become financially self-sufficient. After all, it is often said that 90% of all millionaires become so through investing in and owning real estate!

The only real decision is just how you go about it? How do you get started in real estate investing and make enough money to live on (and more) so that you can quit your job?

Once the goal of becoming financially self-sufficient by investing in real estate without working has been set, it’s important to distinguish between two primary types of real estate investing: active or passive real estate investing…, so let’s take a look….

Active vs passive real estate investing

Active real estate investing fundamentally means taking a hands-on approach and, for example, utilising the BRRRR method (buy, rehab, rent out, refinance, repeat) to build a portfolio of multi-family or BTR-SFR rental properties over time.

Such active investors are heavily involved in every phase of the transaction, and must constantly monitor and manage the different stages of activity, from identification of the property, research into the relevant market, acquisition and ongoing operations.

As attractive as this may appear, it does mean trading your busy full-time work schedule for another, leaving little time to truly quit your job and starting to enjoy life.

If the key point of having enough to live on every month, or to be able to earn income whilst sleeping, then passive income from real estate investment is likely to be the preferred choice.

What is passive investing?

Being a passive real estate investor is quite different to being an active investor. Yet, it’s still possible to earn enough to quit your job and sit back and enjoy receiving income every month.

After deciding to make an investment into a syndicated real estate private equity, passive investors are presented with investment opportunities by the project syndicators. They do not have to look for investment opportunities or financing on their own and are not responsible for any of the property’s day-to-day operational management or other issues.

Passive investors: do you know how to vet a real estate investment group before making an investment?

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Investing in real estate syndications for multi-family or BTR-SFR rental properties is probably the best way to earn passive income every single month or quarter.

As a Limited Partner (LP) In real estate syndication, income from the investment is truly as passive as it comes. All investors need to do after investing capital with the entity sponsoring or promoting the investment opportunity is check that the monthly or quarterly distributions have been credited to their bank account and then wait for profits on the capital gain once the asset is refinanced or sold.

For those who have saved up, or are regular savers of, capital, regularly investing passively in real estate syndications is a great way to create passive income. Obviously, the more investments made, the more income received—and the more chance of being able to live on the income generated and quit your job, as well as build generational wealth!

To recap, the passive investor provides their capital to the syndicator and reaps the investment returns with little or no effort!

How to get started with passively investing in real estate syndications

It’s all really quite simple to work out how much you need to start living life:

1. Make a budget of expenses

Itemise all of your expenses to find out how much money is required, including items such as mortgage payments or rent, cost of utilities, food, vehicles, credit card debt and insurance

Clearly, you will need to not only cover the total of the above amount, but also need to save for future investing. It’s wise to save as much as much for passive real estate investing (perhaps by curtailing some unnecessary expenses) as, the more invested in real estate syndications, the sooner it will be possible to quit your job

2. Calculate the monthly income you require when you are no longer working

Obviously, the income needs to cover the regular expenses shown above but there will be unexpected expenses arising plus, importantly, you’d need some extra for regular investment or reinvestment into new syndications.

Quite how much income you need and how many syndicated real estate investments you need to invest in to be able to suit your job and “retire” will depend on your own personal goals, ambitions and spending style and patterns–but this can easily be calculated.

And then, it’s all up to you how quickly you can achieve your goals!

CPI Capital knows that the dream of many people can be to achieve financial freedom. Obviously, no investment is going to create that overnight, but investment into real estate has proven over centuries that it is the major creator of long term wealth.

For anyone seriously looking to quit their job and enjoy the benefit of monthly income without actively doing any work, syndicated investment into multifamily or BTR-SFR properties such as those offered by CPI Capital can:

  • provide cash flow, capital appreciation and equity growth;
  • allow passive investors to participate in larger-scale deals than they may have otherwise done;
  • allow investors to select the type of property they want to invest in;
  • allow investors to leverage other people’s time and experience in REPE investment;
  • provide passive income distribution;
  • offer tax advantages;
  • finally, quit their job!

So, what’s stopping you from starting to reach for your dreams of quitting your job?

Yours sincerely,
August Biniaz
COO, Co-Founder CPI Capital

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