CPI Capital is a Real Estate Investment firm, in the business of discovering, acquiring, improving, and actively managing US Multifamily Value-add and BTR-SFR assets. CPI Capital specializes in identifying largely stabilized, revenue-producing assets which allow it to provide monthly cash-flow distributions to its investors soon after closing.

CPI Capital business model is opportunistic acquisition of Multifamily and BTR-SFR assets for the benefit of its investors who participate as limited partners. CPI Capital is focused on ensuring thorough due diligence on every potential deal analyzed. Only deals that qualify under its rigorous criteria will be presented to investors. Investors are expected to benefit not only from the monthly passive income distributions but also the potential for above-average returns on divestment which CPI Capital deems “forced appreciation” due to its rigorous value-add program.

Our team at CPI Capital has developed a tax-efficient, repeatable, risk-averse, compliant real estate investing process to allow US, Canadian and International investors to benefit from investing in Multifamily and BTR-SFR opportunities available in the United States.