What is Exempt Market Dealer?

An Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD”) is a firm licensed in one or more provinces to distribute investment securities from private issuers. These issuers are exempt from the prospectus requirement based on the rules and regulations of each province, and the EMD must be licensed in each province in which it wishes to sell such private securities. These investments, including the Limited Partnership units CPI issues, are often referred to as ‘private capital investments’ as they are not publicly traded.

Only registered Exempt Market Dealer firms can legally sell these types of investments, as EMDs are regulated by various standards to ensure they know their investments (KYP), their clients (KYC) and that they maintain appropriate knowledge and proficiencies. Most importantly, EMDs are required to treat their clients “fairly, honestly and in good faith.”

What are the benefits of having EMD?

EMDs are critical in providing passive investors with access to expertly vetted private investment opportunities in various sectors including real estate, oil and gas, and technology.

EMDs are critical in providing passive investors with access to expertly vetted private investment opportunities in various sectors including real estate, oil and gas, and technology. The job of the EMD is to seek out and screen private investment opportunities by putting each deal and the management team behind each deal through a rigorous due diligence process. This ensures that each deal an EMD presents to their network of passive investors meets the standardized criteria – ensuring the investor’s interests are always the priority. Once an investment is determined to be suitable for an investor, the EMD then educates and guides the investor through the process of investing in the opportunity, ensuring a seamless process.

Tokenfunder as Canada’s first digital securities Exempt Market Dealer. What is Tokenfunder and what is Tokenfunder doing?

Tokenfunder is an all-in-one investing and trading platform for private securities. Clients experience a seamless journey from digital Know-Your-Client (“KYC”) signup to investment and trading. Their Online KYC verification and suitability assessment gives retail and accredited investors access to private market investments. Their Integrated dashboard interface delivers a one-stop view of digital assets issued on the platform.
CPI’s exclusive partnership with TokenFunder provides a seamless digital experience for our clients and ensures every deal is vetted by a registered securities professional and is suitable for their portfolio. The TokenFunder portal simplifies the investment process, allowing digital signing and funding of all investments with a modern compliant interface that ensures your records are easily accessible.

Secondary Trading Market Place

CPI Capital makes lucrative private real estate investment opportunities available to the public at large by issuing Limited Partnership units on TokenFunder’s platform. TokenFunder also has a secondary trading marketplace for these Limited Partnership issued on their platform. All participating investors are able to buy and sell private market securities directly between themselves. This secondary trading marketplace provides liquidity to investors that has not been readily available in private investments.

* Pending regulatory approvals.

Watch as Alan Wunsche, MBA, CPA, CBP & Registered Dealing Representative discusses the process of exempt market real estate investing:

Alan Wunsche

CEO & Chief Token Officer of TokenFunder

Alan Wunsche is CEO & Chief Token Officer of TokenFunder, Chief Compliance Officer and Co-Founder of TokenGX, Chair & Co-Founder of Blockchain Canada and Founding Canadian Chair of ISO TC307 (Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies) Standards Committee. Alan is a finance and blockchain technology expert focused on the disruptive impacts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies on capital markets and global wealth distribution.

He led TokenFunder’s launch of Canada’s first regulatory-compliant security token offering on the Ethereum public blockchain, established TokenGX as Canada’s first security token exempt market dealer, and is building Canada’s first secondary trading platform (FreedomX) for the private capital markets. Alan is a Chartered Professional Accountant with hands-on technology experience leading finance and risk transformation programs as an executive at a global bank (Scotiabank), management consulting (Deloitte, PwC), incubators and startups.

CPI Capital helps busy professionals to earn passive income through real estate investing so they could have more time freedom to live a more abundant life.