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CPI Capital’s Regional Asset Manager Strategy

CPI Capital's Regional Asset Manager Strategy

by | Jan 13, 2021

Dear Investor,
If you have been involved in real estate investing for any period of time, you might have heard the saying “real estate is a team sport”. This saying is evidently true in the world of multifamily syndication. Buying and managing multifamily properties requires a lot of expertise in various areas, key relationships, and market knowledge.

It is important to have a highly skilled and experienced team with a deep understanding of the local market they are investing in. For all these reasons, CPI Capital has assembled a team of some of the most experienced asset managers in the target markets we invest in.

We partner with experts that have years of success in high growth markets such as Texas and Arizona. Our local partners are called regional asset managers, and they are the boots on the ground in these markets. They have years of experience and local market knowledge. They are constantly sourcing and evaluating multifamily properties in order to find the best opportunities that we can present to our investors. They have key relationships with best in class property managers, and construction trades that are able to implement the value add renovations on our properties. Our regional asset managers are partners in the properties that they manage so they are committed to the success of the CPI Capital portfolio. We are committed to working with best in class asset managers in order to provide top quality opportunities to our investors and ensure they are managed effectively.

To get access to our exclusive investment opportunities presented by CPI Capital’s regional asset managers, sign up for our Exclusive Investors Club.

– August Biniaz
Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder Canadian Passive Investing

– Ava Benesocky
CEO, Co-Founder Canadian Passive Investing

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