Charity is charity, and investments are investments. But what if we can combine them both and create real service for clients while also getting returns? What if we can make affordable housing actually possible? Join your hosts, Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz, as they interview real estate investor Jason Stubblefield. Jason tells his story of how he got out of the rat race, earned a six-figure income, and how he is now dedicated to syndicating affordable housing multifamily assets. Yes, it’s possible! But it takes a lot of wits and a lot of work, and that’s among the many golden nuggets that Jason shares today. Growing up in a lower-income bracket family, Jason knows what it’s like to barely afford a nice home and has, therefore, always become mindful of his tenants. He knows a change can be possible, and he’s here to put his dream to reality. Tune in now and learn how to make an impact as an investor and contribute to this industry change!


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