What do you need to know about real estate private equity law? If you’re in any way interested in this aspect of the real estate business, then you’re tuned in to the right episode. Garrett Sutton, is the owner and operator of Sutton Law Center, which has provided services around the world with asset protection, corporate formation, and maintenance services. He is a premiere source for asset protection strategies. In this episode, Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz interview Garret about real estate private equity law. This episode will bring tremendous value to active or passive real estate investor. Tune in to learn more.


Get in touch with Garrett Sutton:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrettsutton/

Websites: https://corporatedirect.com/, https://www.sutlaw.com/

Garrett’s books, found here https://rda-press.com/rda-bookstore/

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