CPI Team

August Biniaz

Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder

As the Chief Investment Officer, August Biniaz spearheads the firm’s mission of preserving and growing investor capital. His responsibilities encompass a wide range of duties, including Investment strategy development, Market analysis and forecasting, and executing strategic acquisitions. With a keen eye for market trends and a deep understanding of his client base, August brings years of experience and expertise to his role.

August’s journey in real estate began 15 years ago as a diligent real estate agent in British Columbia . By immersing himself in local market dynamics and prioritizing his clients’ needs, he honed his skills and cultivated lasting relationships. Not content with just facilitating transactions, August ventured into property flipping, capitalizing on lucrative opportunities and generating substantial profits.

Driven by his passion for the construction industry, August established his own development company, White Rhino Developments. There, he crafted custom and spec single-family homes, showcasing his commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. It was during this time that August’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited, fueling his desire to create wealth for his network and identify undervalued real estate opportunities.

Recognizing the immense potential in multifamily investments, August joined forces with his partners to co-found CPI Capital.

August’s strategic prowess and comprehensive understanding of the real estate landscape have been instrumental in the successful closure of over $208 million worth of multifamily assets since CPI Capital’s inception. He consistently seeks out opportunities that align with the firm’s investment strategy, leveraging his expertise to generate significant returns for investors.

Beyond his role at CPI Capital, August actively contributes to the real estate private equity industry and retail investors through various platforms. As the host of the popular podcast “Real Estate Investing Demystified,” he demystifies complex investment concepts and shares practical insights with a wide audience. August also serves as a sought-after guest speaker at conferences and live webinars, where he imparts his knowledge and experiences to inspire and educate fellow industry professionals.

To stay connected with his network and share valuable industry updates, August publishes a weekly newsletter, ensuring that investors and enthusiasts alike are equipped with the latest trends and opportunities in the real estate market.

August’s unwavering dedication to creating value, his astute investment strategies, and his commitment to empowering others in the real estate industry make him an invaluable asset to CPI Capital and the wider investment community.

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