CPI Guest Speaker

Jorge Abreu

Regional Asset Manager, Texas

Jorge Abreu joins CPI as a seasoned real estate mogul in his own right. As a leader in the Texas real estate market, Mr. Abreu has generated substantial returns on thousands of multi-family residential units for nearly twenty years.

Jorge founded and still leads two of Texas’ most successful real estate ventures: JNT Construction and Elevate Commercial Real Estate Group. By leading in both construction and acquisition, Abreu’s real estate empire has a decisive advantage in the multifamily real estate market. Through his new role as CPI’s Regional Asset Managers, he brings the synergistic power of these companies to our team.

Mr. Abreu offers CPI nearly twenty years of experience in the Texas multifamily market, along with a highly advantageous position in that market today. Throughout the market’s ups and downs, he has thrived, building two of Texas’ most successful companies in construction and real estate. Today, he will apply hard-earned experience and capital to leading CPI’s Texas operations.

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